Members of the South Shore Astronomical Society welcome

visitors to our observing sessions.  We are more than willing to share.

Listed below are several hints to remember when you attend an observing session.


1.  Always ask if you can look through someone's scope


2.  Never touch the scope, this may cause the scope to move or vibrate.


3.  Ask the owner if it is ok to adjust the focus and how that is done.


4.  Never leave children unattended around telescopes or the observing site.


5.  When arriving or leaving try to drive into or out of the observing area with just parking lights on.  

(This helps observers maintain their night vision.)


6.  If you have a flash light with a red light please us it in place of flash light with a white light.

(Red light doesn't reduce night vision.)


7.  If you need to use a white flash light, shine it on the ground, never in anyone's eyes.


8.  If your child can not see through the eye piece please pick the child up carefully.


9.  Do not hesitate to ask a questions.

Remember telescopes are sensitive and expensive.  Observing sites are dark

Please Use Caution

Above All Have Fun!