Name, Purpose and Location


SECTION 1.  (A)  This Society shall be known as the South Shore Astronomical Society.


SECTION 2.  (A)  The Society is organized and administered to promote education and science by encouraging research, study and investigation in the field of astronomy:  to engage in astronomical observation: to foster and develop interest in all phases of astronomy and to further education therein: to facilitate the free exchange of thought and information among students and interested persons.


SECTION 3.  (A)  The location of the principal office and legal address of this Society shall be determined by the Board of Directors.




Officers, Directors, Term of Office and Duties


SECTION 1.  (A)  The Officers of the society shall be a PRESDIENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY and TREASURER.  These Officers shall be elected at the December regular meeting by a majority vote and shall serve for ONE (1) year.  There shall be no limitation of successive terms for any office.


                        (B)  In addition to the officers named in part (A) of this section, there shall be three (3) DIRECTORS, who together with theses officers shall constitute the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  Directors shall be elected at the December regular meeting by a majority vote and shall serve for ONE (1) year.  There shall be no limitation of successive terms of DIRECTORS.


                        (C)  Nominations and elections of the Officers and Board members shall follow the procedure outlined in Article 4.


SECTION 2.    (A)  The President shall preside at all meetings of the society and of the Board of Directors and shall conduct the business of the Society in accordance with these BY-LAWS.


(B)              The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President.


(C)  The Secretary shall keep the minutes of ALL Society meetings and keep and safeguard the records of the society.  The Secretary shall receive and reply to all communications relating to the Society and read all communications at the meetings.


(D)  The Treasurer shall have custody of the funds of the Society and shall keep proper book of account which will be open to the inspection of other Officers and Directors, or any agent appointed by them for that purpose.  The Treasurer shall present to members at the annual meeting, a report giving the receipts and disbursement of the previous fiscal year and a report of the financial status of the Society.  This annual report is to be given no later than the January meeting of the following fiscal year.


(E)  ALL officers are to remain in Good Standing and attend meetings regularly.  Officers who are absent from two (2) meetings of the Board without valid reason shall be deemed to have vacated their office, and the vacancy shall be filled by the Board of Directors.


(F)  The President shall have the authority to make any mandates concerning any issue not covered by these BY-LAWS.




Board of Directors


SECTION 1.  (A)  Except for the specific responsibilities of the elected Officers as described in Article 2, all other business of the Society shall be conducted by the Board of Directors who shall have general charge, management and control of the conduct, affairs, funds and property of the Society, subject to there BY-LAWS.


SECTION 2.  (A)  The Board of Directors shall consist of the four elected Officers as listed in Article 2, plus three Directors.


SECTION 3.  (A)  The Board of Directors will meet at least two (2) times annually or more often if necessary as called together by the President of the Society.


SECTION 4.  (A)  The Directors are to be in GOOD STANDING.  Directors who are absent from two (2) meetings of the Board without a valid reason shall be deemed to have vacated their office and the vacancy shall be filled by the Board of Directors.


SECTION 5.  (A)  At any meeting of the Board of Directors, five (5) members shall constitute a quorum.


SECTION 6.  (A)  A majority of the members of the Board of Directors present when a quorum exists shall be required to decide issues raised at the Board of Directors meetings.




Nominations and Elections of Officers and Board members,

Annual meeting, Members in Good Standing, Quorum


SECTION 1.  (A)  Nominations of Officers and Directors are to be elected at the December meeting shall be made to the secretary by the November meeting in order to finalize the ballet.  Nominations may be made by any member in GOOD STANDING.


SECTION 2.  (A)  The annual meeting shall be held in January of each year and will be open to members in GOOD STANDING.


SECTION 3.  (A)  A member in GOOD STANDING is defined as someone who is current in his/her dues.


SECTION 4.  (A)  At all regular meeting of the members at large, 25% of the members in GOOD STANDING shall constitute a quorum.






SECTION 1.   (A)  Committees shall be formed by virtue of a majority vote of the membership and shall consist of an ODD number of members with one representative as the head of the committee.


                        (B)  All Committees shall have any authority granted to them by virtue of a successful vote of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.


(C)              Each Committee shall have one (1) of its members a member of the BOARD of DIRECTORS.


SECTION 2.   (A)  Decisions made by a committee shall be made by virtue of a successful vote of ALL members of that committee.  Any decision made without ALL committee members’ knowledge shall render the decision NULL and VOID.


SECTION 3.   (A)  The PRESDIENT may appoint additional committees as situations arise.






SECTION 1.   (A)  There shall be in addition to the Annual meeting as described in ARTICLE 4, such meetings as the BOARD of DIRECTORS may deem necessary.


                       (B)  A monthly meeting shall be held on the first WEDNESDAY of each month at 7:30 PM.




Membership Dues and Notices


SECTION 1.   (A)  Any person interested in the objectives of this Society may be eligible to become a member of the Society.  With payment of dues, he/she will become a member in GOOD STANDING.


SECTION 2.   (A)  Membership privileges shall be determined by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.


SECTION 3.   (A)  All membership dues shall be determined by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.


(B)     All Membership dues are payable by the NOVEMBER meeting.


SECTION 4.   (A)  The fiscal year shall run form JANUARY 1 to DECEMBER 31.






SECTION 1.   (A)  These BY-LAWS may be changed at any regular or special meeting of the Society by a two-thirds vote of the membership (subject to limitations stated in Article 4), but only after proposed amendments are in the call of the meeting and have been distributed to the membership a minimum of 30 days prior to that meeting.




Governing Rule


SECTION 1.  (A)  The ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER will govern this Society in all cases as they shall apply.